What is MOLLE?

M.O.L.L.E. – (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment – English.) – Modular Lightweight (Lightweight) Unloading Equipment. Designed by US military experts for the needs of the army. The exact date of the development and application of MOLLE technology is difficult to name – it’s still military development, but some sources include the emergence of MOLLE technology until 1997-1998.

MOLLE is a special technology of modular systems for the transfer of combat, tactical and cargo equipment. The basis of MOLLE is the method of rigid fixing of the results, holster, waxes, as well as other necessary accessories to unloading vests, backpacks and belts with the help of a stacked, durable nylon strap (PALS or Pouch Attachment Ladder System). This system allows you to fix the necessary equipment any way, anywhere and in the most convenient combination for the soldier.

PALS or Pouch Attachment Ladder System (literally translated from English as a staircase fixing system) – represents a specific type of fastening, namely, the modular system of attachment of equipment with the help of a sling through the successive transmission of a transverse strap sewn on the back wall of the sump through the cells of the transverse straps sewn on the back wall of the sump and the platform. The standard width of the sling used in this mounting system is 1 inch (approximately 25 mm), the width of the cell is 1.4 inches (35-38 mm). These parameters of the PALS system allow you to use the equipment most effectively and durable. Insignificant changes in cell parameters do not affect the performance of the PALS system. Subsequently, on the basis of PALS, other systems of fastening of the equipment were created, but they are one way or another complement the PALS system and do not represent a special interest. Convenience and practicality of MOLLE is the ability to easily combine and, if necessary, change the set of necessary results and accessories, selecting the equipment in accordance with the set combat task.