Design development

The development of tactical military equipment TM Armpolis deals with the design department.

Tactical military equipment is a collection of items that make up the equipment of a serviceman for carrying out hostilities. Specialists of design believe that the greatest effectiveness of combat military equipment can be achieved with the optimal combination of tactical and technical characteristics of all components. The value, quantity and cost of tactical military equipment grows very fast


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TM Armpolis design department is the founder of experimental designs of military ammunition, quickly adopts general design and new technological solutions, develops décor, selects colors, invoices, thinks accessories and the necessary practical additions. At the center of the attention of the department: tactical military equipment to be completely comfortable, comfortable and have a beautiful appearance.

The Armpolis TM tactical military equipment department is engaged in a specific project activity that combines art and scientifically grounded engineering practice in the field of industrial production.

Production cycle of the design department:

  1. customer relationship with the manager;
  2. order;
  3. development of sketches and drawings;
  4. agreement of nodes and constructive decisions;
  5. development of templates for the test model;
  6. production of models or models;
  7. agreement with the client of one or more models, taking into account comments or wishes;
  8. order design;
  9. testing;
  10. preparing people to start production;
  11. writing technical documentation;
  12. project execution.

Armpolis TM design department constantly monitors new developments in the design of tactical military equipment, offers its own models, models, actively updates production technology, launches its own projects, and tests the practical use of ammunition.